Sunday, June 28, 2015

Classic Must-Find Consignment Furniture That Never Go Out of Style

As many people say, trends come and go; however this rule doesn’t apply to all. Over the centuries there have been numerous design ideas that have stood the test of time. These are the classic and eternal designs that your home must have if your wish to achieve timelessness in your interiors. Here are some of these classic elements that that until now can complement and enhance a home of any style. • Chesterfield Sofas – A timeless piece of interior perfection from England, the Chesterfield sofa still looks fashionable and high-end even when displayed alongside modern furniture. The long seat and curved armrest give off a sense of sophistication and simple elegance that is hard to match, even amongst modern choices. A good place to find it is at a shop which sells quality consignment furniture. Residents of Naples in Florida can visit stores like The Find Consignment for classic furniture at very affordable prices.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Get a Distressed Interior This 2015 with Naples, FL Consignment Shops

Traditional and distressed are certainly making a comeback this 2015 in terms of interior designing, and the craze for distressed furniture is so high in demand that most antiques are now worth more than the new furniture, while consignment shops are now the go-to establishment for many interior designers. There’s a certain charm about the traditional look that makes it a great centerpiece amidst modern styled furniture, though achieving this charm takes more than just old and rustic furniture. Here are some tips you can employ to properly utilize the old and make it new for your house in trendy house in Naples, FL. • Era – Don’t just randomly put furniture you bought from consignment shops and hope it goes well together. You need to decide on an era that you want to achieve. From the 60’s to the early 20’s each of them have their own unique touches and accents that will bring a spark of life to your modern home.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Consignment Furniture in Naples, FL: When Unloading Them Makes Sense

Some Florida residents may see a need to relocate in another state or another country, but this means leaving some of their material possessions behind. When there’s no one available to be the property’s caretaker, selling everything may be a suitable option. Writing for Kiplinger’s magazine, Cameron Huddleston-Lebidinsky said selling your furniture on consignment works as part of the “detox.” Residents of Naples and other cities in southern Florida can have ideas about striking out from the Sunshine State to pursue work or life interests elsewhere. When you are prepared to move on and also earn some money at the same time, stores that handle consignment furniture in Naples, FL such as The Find Consignment are committed to taking it off your hands.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Naples, FL Consignment Shops Hook You up for Furnishing Vacation Home

Some people may have the resources to afford a second house to be used as a vacation property. Even then, it may be well-maintained but bare inside, in which case you might as well dress it up even a bit to make it more homey. Just because it’s not often used, after all, doesn’t mean it should be neglected. Fortunately, such homeowners would be glad to know that furnishing a vacation home can be done without having to spend so much. When a vacation property you acquired is a blank canvas waiting to be “painted” with fun furniture options, consignment shops in the Naples, FL area, like The Find Consignment can have what you need. These shops can, after all, be a good and reliable alternative to brand new furniture and accessory stores that can put a strain in your wallet.